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Walking in Water

Zonta Says Now

Zonta Says Now to Gender-Equal Climate Action

Climate change is one of the most imminent issues facing the world today. Its effects negatively impact all living beings on our planet now and for generations to come. However, it is important to acknowledge that these consequences disproportionately affect women and girls. Due to systematic gender inequality, women and girls have fewer resources and choices than men, and with each climate change disaster, the situation worsens. This needs to change, which is why Zonta Says NOW to Gender-Equal Climate Action.


Both collectively and as individuals, we need to say NOW to:

  1. Increasing climate change awareness and its gender-related consequences.

  2. Including gendered climate change advocacy actions in our advocacy plans.

  3. Supporting the inclusion of women at the national and local tables of decision-makers on environmental sustainability.

  4. Promoting girls’ education, the inclusion of climate literacy in schools, and girls’ participation in STEM studies to increase gendered scientific and technical contributions to climate change mitigation.

  5. Advocating for national policies that consider women’s economic opportunities and ensure their full and equal participation in the economy.


Climate change is a planetary phenomenon and its effects are shaped by pervasive and entrenched gender inequality.

Heat waves, droughts, rising sea levels, extreme storms, fires, all DISPROPORTIONATELY AFFECT WOMEN and girls. Because:
-women are more likely to live in poverty
-women have less access to basic human rights, like the ability to freely move and acquire land
-women face systemic violence that escalates during and after periods of instability, including climate dis

As Climate Changes Intensifies, WOMEN WILL STRUGGLE THE MOST. 

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