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Child Marriage

Child marriage is widely considered a violation of human rights.

Zonta International has focused on ending child marriage through its international projects in cooperation with the United Nations programs.  

The Canadian government is a funder of United Nations efforts to eradicate child marriage overseas proposing no marriages before age 18, no exceptions.

But we should not think that child marriage occurs only in other countries.  Even in Ontario there are children married every year.  The age of majority in Ontario is 18.  While the legislation states that the legal age for marriage is 18, marriage of children ages 16 or 17 is allowed with parental approval.  

Allowing girls to marry before age 18 is detrimental to the girl’s future particularly related to her health and economic status.

Research on child marriage in Canada has been carried out by Dr. Alissa Koski at McGill University.  Dr. Koski spoke to the Zonta Club in October 2021.  You can watch her presentation (use passcode:  @9QfX@KF). 


Watch Dr. Koski's presentation

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