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Safe Haven 


SAFE HAVEN weaves together the powerful stories of U.S. war resisters who sought safe haven in Canada during both the Vietnam and Iraq wars. The film also explores the intersection of these two groups of men and women during the Iraq war as many Vietnam era resisters participated in a movement to support the younger generation. SAFE HAVEN shows the reality and the myth of Canada as a welcoming country to those seeking protection. It delves into the worlds and decision making of people deciding to leave home and military service. People who both found safe haven and were forced home discuss their lives on both sides of the border.


Directed by Lisa Molomot

Produced by Alison Mountz

1 hr 20 mins. | Canada | 2020


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Date:       Saturday April 29, 2023

Time:        4:30 pm

Cost:         $15

Location:  Princess Twin Cinemas                       46 King St. North,                                Uptown Waterloo 

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